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Trishacarroll27 3 days ago

"The Alaskan"

The best seafood I've ever had and they treat you like family

Oakdale18 5 days ago

"The Alaskan"

Excellent. Everything was fresh and the service was also excellent. This is the first place I go to in Seattle when I visit from Palm Springs!

Molly4025 7 days ago

"The Alaskan"

We came, we clambaked and it conquered our belly's in every great feeling way it could have. We will definitely be coming back and recommending it to anyone that asks for a fabulous seafood experience. Lots of fun and a delectably good experience. Must try, again and again.

Naomikoo1995 10 days ago

"The Royal Crab Feast"

I love crab, so the royal crab feast was delicious! I came here with my mom and she enjoyed it too. Cool ambiance

Tmt100765 11 days ago

"The Royal Crab Feast"

We were greeted with a smile. The table had a beautiful view of the water and David out waiter was so good The food from chowder ( which was really delicious) to our dinner that was amazing . As busy as it was we were asked if everything was good and was so well taken care of. Amazing food with Incredible Service! Thank you for an unforgettable time.

Mayaumland 13 days ago

"The Royal Crab Feast"

It was awesome!! I have never felt full from just crabs. If you love crab, you will love this!!

Aviationbaby 18 days ago

Bairdi Alaskan Crab

The crab was absolutely amazing! So tender, and flavorful!!!!!!

Cwuya 18 days ago

Crab & Crab & Crab

Got my satisfaction for crab satisfied! Delicious

Lesliebloss 18 days ago

Clam Chowder

I had Clam Chowder and crab cakes! I loved the sauce that came along with the crab cakes. I have never been to the Crab Pot before and thought the food was delicious. I do recommend that people go early, there were many people waiting to get in as we were leaving.

Grace 20 days ago

King Crab Legs

Love love love!! It's delicious with lots of meat inside :) flavor is there, juice is there. Try it and you won't regret it!

Angelafb9 22 days ago

"The Pacific Clambake"

Aleays awesome. Never disappointes. One of the best margaritas, EVER.

Cartera08 23 days ago

"The Royal Crab Feast"

This was my first visit at the iconic restaurant. Honestly I really enjoyed the food and atmosphere. The gentleman who cleaned our table were very bright and personable and made the night relaxed. I can't say the same for our waitress sadly. Her behavior was very robotic and her checkins were brief and seemed forced, overall great night!

Cindylyang 24 days ago

Shrimp Tacos

I had the shrimp tacos the last time I came here and they did not disappoint! The way everything was cooked was so delicious and savory. I usually do not like raw cabbage but together in the shrimp taco was so worth it. Definitely will be back to try more items!

Sakolf 27 days ago

"The Cove"

Best seafood ever!

Hannahenos 27 days ago

Crab & Crab & Crab

Crab, Crab & Crab is for certified crab lovers. There's Dungenness, Snow Crab AND King crab all in one pot alongside potatoes and corn on the cob pieces. Every item in the pot is seasoned to PERFECTION and all contents are always EVENLY COATED. The consistency of this meal is fantastic and every single time my boyfriend and I order this, we know what we are getting. Alongside the food obviously, the staff is consistently fantastic, too. What more could you ask for? THREE kinds of crab legs seasoned to perfection and staff so impeccably wonderful.

Ethankalin18 about 1 month ago

"The Cove"

Delicious and perfect amount of food. Staff was polite and on top of everything. Highly recommend and will be returning soon.

Kiahnasealey about 1 month ago

Calamari Strips

Very crisp & fresh!!

Ryandemoss 3 days ago

"The Alaskan"

We had a couple different meals. All were delicious! Can't wait to go back in 3-4 weeks.

Mstaylor6692 6 days ago

"The Alaskan"

My husband and I were on vacation and of course as we do every Seattle vacation, we stop by The Crab Pot. We had the Alaskan and absolutely loved every bit of it. Wonderful variety and seasoned so well!! Enough for both of us in one meal and we plowed through it like we've never eaten before. If you're looking for a good way to fix that Seafood itch, then Crab Pot will get it. We'll be coming for our November trip as well, guaranteed.

Dbell923 9 days ago

Calamari & Chips

I loved the calamari and chips! They were so good and delicious. I feel like I'm super picky with calamari and these hit the spot. They did not disappoint!

Brandiknez 11 days ago

"The Royal Crab Feast"

Unreal! Best seafood in Seattle! Amazing service!

Selinastiles 13 days ago

"The Westport"

West port meal fed myself and my husband plus we had left overs! It was such a fun experience to just dig in and crack open our crabs. The whole family had a blast in this great atmosphere.

Danielle 14 days ago

"The Westport"

Absolutely AMAZING! This is the best thing to get with something for everyone. Personally I don't like mussels and clams, so I make sure I come with someone who does. You can't go wrong with The Crab Pot. It's a must if you're in the area and ok with getting dirty.

Ivymichele 18 days ago

"The Alaskan"

Amazing! My new "go-to" !

Infin8abundance 18 days ago

"The Royal Crab Feast"

Phenomenal experience. Excellent customer service. Highest quality food. Gratitude.

Sethyirak 18 days ago

"The Alaskan"

This place is a blast. If you don't mind getting a little messy cracking into some delicious crab, then this place is a must for anyone traveling or living in the Seattle area. I plan on taking my wife there for her birthday.

Iphone 20 days ago

Clam Strips & Chips

The clam strips were most excellent!! Highly recommend!

Kelsiekwilson 23 days ago

"The Royal Crab Feast"

Such a fun and tasty place to eat. The food is delicious, the service is great, and the location couldn't be better.

Kadylou35 24 days ago

"The Westport"

It was the best one that I've experienced at all the crab pots. I definitely recommend trying!!!

Kirstyjhannah 25 days ago

"The Royal Crab Feast"

If you love crab, this dish is the best. Our first time to the Crab Pot, and we will be back!!!

Hannahenos 27 days ago

Calamari Strips

The Crab Pot's calamari strips made me, a long-term calamari hater, into a calamari lover. The are fried to a golden perfection and the portion is great for sharing AND not sharing. I was just at the Crab Pot TODAY and my boyfriend had to order another serving of calamari because I ate most of our first order... SO GOOD

Hannahenos 27 days ago

Clam Chowder

The Crab Pot's clam chowder is literal heaven in a cup (or bowl, or bread bowl). This clam chowder is so creamy and dreamy. Every time my boyfriend and I make the trek to Seattle, we ALWAYS make a trip to the C.P. for their magical clam chowder. If you want clam chowder that perfectly and CONSISTENTLY balances the clam and chowder aspects of New England Clam Chowder, CRAB POT IS THE PLACE TO GO. We frequent here 2-3 times a month at the least SOLELY for clam chowder (but we typically order other yummy things too). If you still are not convinced, I love this chowder more than my significant other. This is the best clam chowder in Seattle.

Jerfu about 1 month ago

"The Royal Crab Feast"

Was absolutely fabulous! Never had this combo before and its the best weve had.


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